Who are Blue Suede Shoes

D.S.D.A. Blue Suede Shoes is the student association for Ballroom, Argentine Tango, and Lindy Hop dancers. We are an active community of dancers of all kinds, some joining for social dancing and others focussing on competitions. We have many members who organise activities for all these different dancers, including practice hours, parties and technique classes, as well as social events where you can hang out with fellow dance enthusiasts.

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Our activities

April 2024
Apr 25
25 April 2024
Exhale at X TU Delft,

Are you in it, to win it? Hangout Committee would like to organize a boardgame night on the 25th of April! If you are keen on spending the evening among […]

Apr 26
26 April 2024
X TU Delft, Mekelweg 8
Delft, Netherlands

Dress up in orange with your friends and dance the night away on King’s Night! Participating in the beginner-friendly Cha-Cha and Quickstep workshop will grant you free access to the […]

May 2024
May 11
11 May 2024
Radost, Schieweg 15Z61
Delft, Zuid-Holland 2627AN

This post will be updated with more information closer to the event.

May 18
18 May 2024
Radost, Schieweg 15Z61
Delft, Zuid-Holland 2627AN

Join us for an enchanting evening of Argentine Tango as we celebrate the height of spring at Tango Café! This month, we'll immerse ourselves in the beauty of blossoms and […]

June 2024
Jun 08
08 June 2024
Radost, Schieweg 15Z61
Delft, Zuid-Holland 2627AN

This post will be updated with more information closer to the event.

What we dance

At Blue Suede Shoes we dance several different styles. The pretty, elegant, and romantic Ballroom Standard, the catchy rhythm with swinging hips of Ballroom Latin, the pure passion and connection of Argentine Tango, and the happy tunes and quirky moves of Lindy Hop. Whichever style you prefer, partner dancing is a fantastic way to get to know people, and Blue Suede Shoes is the place to start.

Want to know what we offer specifically for each dance style? Find out more below by clicking on the images!

Book a workshop

Does your association have an event coming up? Do you want your members to shine brightly while dancing to the beat? Consider doing a workshop with Blue Suede Shoes! Our beginner level dance workshops will teach your guests the basics of ballroom dancing. This is a perfect pre-event activity or even opener of the event itself to break the ice!

We offer instruction in four basic ballroom styles: the elegant slow waltz, the energetic and sexy chacha, the upbeat quickstep, or the lively jive. In 45 minutes we will teach you enough about dance posture, musicality, and basic dance steps to have a lot of fun while dancing!

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