Classes & Practices

Weekly practices

Every week during the academic year the association gives members the opportunity to practice their dance skills during practice hour. This is the ideal place to practice new steps, work on technique, and learn from other dancers. Free for members. Non-members pay €2.50, the first time is free.

Argentine Tango
Mondays 19:30 – 20:30, Rhythm A & B, at X TU Delft.
Thursdays 19:00 – 23:00, Lijm & Cultuur. (€6,- for non-members, €3,- for non-members that follow our classes)

The Thursday practices after classes are hosted by Trabajando.

Mondays 20:30 – 22:45, Rhythm A & B, at X TU Delft.

Lindy Hop
Tuesdays 19:00 – 22:00 (parallel with classes), De Hofstee.

Lindy Hop classes

Do you want to learn how to swing dance like the stars of the 1930s and 40s? Join Max and Lucia for Lindy Hop classes this quarter and discover the joy of this energetic and playful dance style. We offer three courses: beginners (level 1), intermediate (level 2), and advanced (level 3), suitable for different levels of experience.

Learn the basic steps and rhythms of Lindy Hop. You will learn the triple step, 6- and 8-count dance figures and rhythms, as well as some fun moves and variations that will help you get started on the social dance floor.

This level is for dancers who want to improve their skills and fill any gaps in their Lindy repertoire. You will learn more complex footwork, stylizations, and variations to spice up your dancing. You will also practice swing rhythms and partner communication.

Lindy solo

This level is for experienced dancers who want to push their boundaries and refine their technique. You will explore musicality, improvisation, and complex footwork in different tempos, rhythms, and styles of Lindy Hop. 

Recommended experience: 1.5 years

Sign up now!
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Chu-Yu and Lucia, two experienced and passionate teachers who will guide you through the history and culture of Lindy Hop, as well as the technical and musical aspects of the dance. Lindy Hop is not only a great way to exercise and have fun, but also to meet new people and make friends. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and let’s swing!

Sign-ups for the classes close Saturday the 17th of February at 18:00.

Please do note that a minimum amount of participants (around 13 people) need to sign up in order for a class to continue.

You don’t need a partner to join!
Since Lindy Hop is a social dance, you frequently switch partners during class. For the beginner classes, it is recommended to stick with a fixed role, either leader or follower (not necessarily gender base). If you are interested in trying out first, attend the try-out class on the 13th of February, by sending a message to or by filling out the interest form below!

Register with a dancing partner to get a €5 discount! 

If a follower and a leader sign up together, both will get a discount. Conditions for the discount:

  • You follow the same class
  • You have different dancing roles
  • Add each other’s names to the form

Shortly after the first classes, you will get a payment request. You are required to have paid before the second lesson.

What7 lessons of Lindy Hop
Dates13.02 (try-out), 20.02, 27.02, 05.03, 12.03, 19.03, 26.03, 02.04
De Hofstee, Sandinoweg 149, 2622 DW Delft
Members€52,50 for 7 classes (€7,50 per class)
Non-members€70 for 7 classes (€10 per class)

For questions about the classes you can email lindy(at)

Argentine Tango classes

Do you want to learn the passionate and eloquent dance named Argentine Tango? Blue Suede Shoes, together with Trabajando is offering an entire package of classes for Argentine Tango with excellent teachers who will open up a new dimension of your life!

Do you want to learn to dance the passionate and eloquent dance named the tango? These lessons are meant for those completely new to Argentine Tango, or those who have followed a tango course before (less than 3 months). In these lessons you will learn your first tango steps and or develop your current tango moves. And at the end of the course you will be more than ready to experience the social aspect of Argentine Tango dancing. These lessons will be given by 2 of our experienced and enthusiastic tango members.

Intermediate & Advanced
Since X has cancelled their Argentine tango classes for Q3 and Q4 in 2023/2024, there are no student friendly alternatives for our members and other young dancers to learn about tango dancing. That is why as a short term solution Blue Suede Shoes is organizing with Trabajando and Jory Raimo lessons in Q3 2023/2024. Do you want to continue to learn about the tango? We are organizing an entire package of classes for Argentine Tango!

Sign up now!
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Chiwei and Semina, two experienced and passionate tango dancers who will guide you your first Tango steps and tricks, as well as some of the technical and musical aspects of the dance.
Argentine tango is a great way to exercise, express yourself through movement and have fun, but also to meet new people and make friends. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and let’s dance!

You can sign up for the classes below:

What7 lessons of Argentine Tango
Dates22.02, 29.02, 07.03, 14.03, 21.03, 28.03, 04.04
LocationLijm & Cultuur, 3rd floor room H3SO3, Rotterdamseweg 272 Delft
Beginners€40 for 7 classes
Intermediate &
€80 for 7 classes

After class there will be a practice for all levels where you can practice the things you just learned and socialize a bit. The practices are free for all Blue Suede Shoes members. Others pay €6 per practice. These practices are hosted by Trabajando.
For questions about the classes you can email tango(at)

Ballroom technique classes

For the members who know the basic steps of ballroom dancing, and want to improve their dance, Blue Suede Shoes offers technique class. Latin lessons will be under the guidance of Mae Hoffmeister, placed in the top 10 in the world championship under 21 in Latin. Standard lessons will be continued by our beloved Niek Koopmeiners, who is an experienced dancer that has enjoyed classes with world ranking trainers.

Limited spots available 
In order to be able to guarantee the level of quality of the classes, sufficient space is necessary for dancing. Because of this there are limited spots available. Priority for these spots will be given based on your affiliation with the TU Delft, Haagse Hogeschool or InHolland and/or the contributions that one has made to the association (e.g. committees, giving workshops). In this selection dancepartnerships will be seen as a single entity, the highest priority by either person in this partnership will be considered.

For more information please check the sign up form linked below.

Other dance classes in Delft

Many of our members follow dancing courses at X TU Delft or at Dance school Wesseling in Delft. These courses teach you the basics of the dances and give you a range of figures and moves you can then vary with in your own creativity.

X TU Delft offers Ballroom classes given by Kaspar van Lierop and Polina Abdoulina.

X TU Delft no longer offers Argentine Tango classes.

Every quarter there are new courses open for enrolment.

Dance school Wesseling in Delft also offers a variety of ballroom classes.

Wesseling also offers a tango class taught by Carlos and Mirella, who are European Champions.

They start most of their courses in September, and some start in January. Check their website if you are interested.