Membership Information

Join our community of over 100 enthusiastic dancers! Our association is for everybody: people that start with dancing or have been dancing for a long time. People that train daily and people that dance once a week. Mingle in our diverse group of both Dutch and international members and find new friendships! Everything is possible and nothing mandatory. The association gives everyone the opportunity to develop themselves as a dancer (social or competitive), but also personally by joining a committee or a board.

Benefits for members

  • Awesome parties, practice hours, technique lessons, and social events! You get to know more people, make friends and dance to your heart’s content.
  • For students of any university, Blue Suede Shoes Membership includes a free X-Card (equivalent to 130€), allowing participation in most X-TU Delft Facilities. See their website for more information. PhD students and TU Delft employees can also obtain the X-Card for a small additional fee.
  • A Blue Suede Shoes Members card that gives discount at the following businesses: Jetuelle, Dansboektiek Danceway, and Dansschool Wesseling.
  • A Knaek card that gives discount on different product and different stores in Delft.


If you are thinking about joining, you want to know what it will cost, and what you get in return. This is exactly the information the two tables below will supply you.

D.S.D.A. eventsMembersNon-membersDiscount
Professional Workshops avg.€10 – €15€15 – €20-30%
Ballroom parties avg.€4.00€8.00-50%
Monthly Tango Café avg.Free!€2.50-100%
Weekly Ballroom practicesFree!€2.50-100%
Weekly practica tangoFree!€2.50-100%
Membership costs
What to expectWhenBenefits
40 tango practicesMondaysSave up to 100€
40 Ballroom practicesTuesdaysSave up to 100€
8-10 Tango CafésEvery 3rd SaturdaySave up to 50€
5-8 Ballroom PartiesAlmost every monthSave up to 32€
12-15 Professional WorkshopsSave up to 40€
Ballroom technique classesMondaysOnly available to members
Tango technique classesThursdaysOnly available to members
Social eventsEvery MonthOnly available to members
NTDS/ETDSYearlyOnly available to members
Membership gains

Become a Member

We are working on a digital subscription form. For now, download and fill in this membership form (2021-2022). Either give it to a board member on an event, or send a scan to

N.B. If you’re getting an X-card through the association, you can speed up the process of getting one by including your X client number in the message. (You can find this by logging in at X. Use the TU Delft login if that is applicable to you, you might need to give permission for sharing your info. Once logged in, you should see your ‘client number’ or ‘klantnummer’.)
With that number we can make sure to get you access to all the X facilities open to our members.

That’s all, welcome to the group!