Lijm & Cultuur

Rotterdamseweg 272
2628 AT Delft

(Google maps)

Lijm & Cultuur is a location for cultural development, where we often rent out dance rooms. These room are in the big grey building on the 3rd floor. If the images below are not sufficient for you, there is also this short youtube video.

Parking: Free inside the gates.

Lijm & Cultuur directions 1
Lijm & Cultuur directions 2

Radost / Kabeldistrict

Schieweg 15Z61 
2627 AN Delft
(Google maps)

Kabeldistrict is a location in an old cable factory, where we frequently rent out the dance facility of Radost. After you enter the main entrance marked in the image below, follow the arrow signs up the stairs. After reaching the top of the stairs, turn right and walk down the hallway. The dancing happens in the room marked Z61.

Parking: Free on the lot.

X-TU Delft locations

Mekelweg 8-10
2628 CD Delft
(Google maps)

X-TU Delft is the cultural and athletic center of the TU Delft. This is where some of our parties, weekly practives, technique lessons, and more are organized.

Parking: Paid parking on Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 18:00. Free parking at all other times on campus area. Note that in order to park in the surrounding area, you need a parking permit.

De Hofstee

Sandinoweg 149
2622 DW Delft
(Google maps)

De Hofstee is a community center in the Tanthof in Delft, with a danceroom on the first floor.