Ballroom Committee

The ballroom committee organises the weekly ballroom practices, as well as most of the social ballroom events. We are mostly concerned with making sure that everyone who loves ballroom dancing as a social activity gets more than enough opportunity to do so, while also getting to know a lot of other dance enthusiasts! The competition part of ballroom dancing is mostly looked after by other committees such as the Competition Committee and the Bootcamp Committee, we are really focussing on the social dance activities.

Besides organising the weekly ballroom practice, our most important task is to organise the ballroom parties, ranging from small and cosy dance evenings to bigger parties with workshops and shows. The small parties are about once every one or two months, usually in the theatre hall at X, where everyone can just enjoy a night of social dancing and having a drink together. The bigger parties naturally also include a lot of dancing and sharing drinks, but usually at bigger locations and we also invite our sister associations and other externals. At these bigger parties, we usually have one or two workshops, and sometimes even a professional show!

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