Bootcamp Committee

The bootcamp committee is there for everyone who would like to go the extra mile in ballroom dancing. These ballroom bootcamps usually last an entire day, during which one or two professional external teachers teach us the finer techniques of several dances. This is especially useful for the competitive dancers, or to hone your skills just before the ETDS/NTDS. Of course it’s also fun if you are not competitive and just enjoy dancing and would like to get better: most bootcamps are already useful for beginners who just learned the basic steps.

Throughout the year, the bootcamp committee usually organises about 3-4 bootcamps, usually focussing on either only Ballroom Standard or Ballroom Latin. During the last years we had some amazing bootcamps, and we look forward to organising more in the future!

Committee Members


Daphne Nesenberend, Pascal de Koster