Hangout Committee

Dancing makes us a social student association where people come to meet, talk and of course dance. Many of us pursue other hobbies besides dancing and love to share those passions too. The Hangout Committee brings Blue Suede Shoes the opportunity to do so.

Want to organize an activity for fellow members but need to help? The Hangout Committee is there to support you!

The Committee supports members that want to set up a non-dancing activity and also organises activities like (board)gamenight, walks, other sports, movienight and archery tag.

To give you an idea of previous activities:

Murder mystery evening: Roleplaying a themed character and trying to solve a murder and avoid getting framed. Talk to the other players to uncover their secrets and get to your own goals.

Honey Heist: You and your crew of thieving bears are out to steal honey in this diceroller roleplaying game.

Just Dance: Online or offline dancing to Just Dance 2020.

Archery Tag: Bow and soft headed arrows to shoot at each other and targets across a field.

Board game Night: Play (your) boardgames with members.

Easter egg hunt
Roler Skate Fever