Lustrum Committee

Did you know that the association is already turning 5 years old? Time for a good party! Of course we celebrate our birthday every year, but the student tradition is to throw a bigger party every 5 year anniversary, the lustrum. The lustrum committee is here to make sure we can celebrate elaborately and in style.
The committee is organising a month worth of celebration with a diverse set of activities lined up for you all. We can’t reveal too much yet, so stay tuned for the theme and more information.

As a committee member, you get to set up one of the largest parties in the association. The association saves up for the lustrum for multiple years leading up to it, so you have the funds and the freedom to create something very special. A lustrum at minimum includes a gala and a dinner or borrel, but there is loads of space to add other events to the list.

Committee members 1st lustrum:

Bart Slangewal, Julia Pols, Joost Bom, Marieke Janssen. QQ board IV: Marleen Hillen, QQ board V: Robin Cromjongh