Media Committee

Welcome to the page of the best committee! (Shhh, don’t tell the others)

What is media? That’s difficult to define. Pictures, video, audio? Text? A means of communication? Whatever it is, that is what this committee is about. A love for colours, pretty pictures, nice video’s, good proportions and creating memories.

The Media Committee is the bridge between what the association does, and what you see. It’s responsible for capturing photo and video material of activities to show people what we do. Promotion banners and flyers? Organically designed by the Media Committee. Video streams or productions? Check. In short, we prepare the media materials for publication on the website, social media, or on paper.

The activities of the Media Committee thus take place on the background, such that the association can be in the foreground.

The Logo

Committee Members


Casper Cromjongh, Lisa Hoogeveen, Anne Lammertsma


Casper Cromjongh, Lisa Hoogeveen