OWee Committee

Every year, Blue Suede Shoes participates in the OWee (the introduction week for new students) and the IP (the introduction days for master students). It is the time of the year to show the association to a greater audience.

Since 2020, we have a committee that makes sure we are presented there in the best way possible to get the most students interested in dancing and our association. These events only last a week, but preparation already starts half a year before the OWee! This starts with delivering the first promotion material to the OWee board and continues right up to the actual OWee in August. Then the real show starts.

Committee activities include:

  • Build a great stand at the infomarket
  • Make sure there are people to talk to for the OWee participants
  • Create content for the information booklet for the students
  • Put out promotion on our website and social media channels
  • Organise and promote events during and soon after the OWee to invite all these nice new students to

This is all promotion, but also a very varied set of tasks. A diverse set of skills is therefore required, but that’s nothing the OWee committee can’t handle!

Be a part of the OWee committee

Committee Members


Robin Cromjongh, Anne Lammertsma, Casper Cromjongh, Lisa Hoogeveen, Pascal de Koster, Roel Daatselaar, Semina Arampatzi, Wessel Boet.


Lisa Hoogeveen, Hugo Tirion, Anne Lammertsma, Armin Korkic, Bart Boogmans, Casper Cromjongh, Robin Cromjongh, Dennis Djohan, Korneel Somers.