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Lindy Committee

Are you ready to swing into the rhythm of the past and Lindy Hop your way into an exciting world of dance? Look no further, because the Lindy Committee is here to make your dance dreams come true!

At the Lindy Committee, we’re passionate about preserving and promoting the rich history and vibrant culture of swing dancing and specifically, Lindy Hop. Lindy Hop, born in the ballrooms of Harlem in the 1930s, is characterized by its joyful, improvisational style. Our society is dedicated to teaching, practicing, and sharing these fantastic dance styles with enthusiasts of all levels.

On Tuesdays, we host weekly classes of three levels: Beginners, Fundamentals, and Intermediate. During these classes, we learn new moves and practice them with others. We also host a Lindy Jam social event on the second Saturday of every month to put the dance steps to good use. Learn more about our classes and sign up for the next quarter here.

Are you enthusiastic about Lindy Hop and want to help us develop our committee further? Send us a message to see what you can do. We’ll be thrilled to have you on our committee!

Current members

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