Tango Committee

Tango Committee 2022/2023

Out of all the dances practised by the members of Blue Suede Shoes, two main dances form the heart of the association: Ballroom and Argentine Tango.

Tango is perhaps the more niche of the three here in Europe, but the community (not just within the association) is very passionate and always looking to share their love for the dance. The main goal of the tango committee has in fact been to show new, young dancers the beauty of tango, and introduce and welcome them to the community, which extends all across the Netherlands and the world.

To do this the committee focuses on two events: the weekly practice, to provide both new and experienced dancers with a place to practice, go over what was learned in the lessons, and help each other improve. The second event is the monthly milonga, organized not just for BSS members but open to whoever wants to attend. Milongas are at the heart of tango, and we’ve always tried to make it as welcoming as possible to offer everyone, but especially less experienced dancers, a pressure-free experience of the tango world outside lessons. Often the committee arranges workshops with Maestros, which is also a great opportunity to get in touch with and get to know some of the best tango dancers out there.

To summarize, the committee members aim at providing a warm environment for both new and experienced dancers to learn, improve, and show what tango is all about, while getting to know many Maestros and tango event organizers from the community within the Netherlands and beyond.

Current members

Esmée KamanChair
Armin KorkicTreasurer
Charlie Kendall