Lindy Hop at Blue Suede Shoes

Blue Suede Shoes is the partner dance association for Ballroom, Argentine Tango, and since recently: Lindy Hop. Are you a dancer that wants to try or continue with this joyful dance? You’ve come to the right address!

What is Lindy Hop?

In short, a very fun and social partner dance that is adored by a large group of people worldwide. If you want to know more, see the dance styles page.

Lindy couple

Plans for Lindy Hop

In the past year, Blue Suede Shoes has organized Lindy Hop practices where inexperienced and experienced dancers could practice their moves and learn new things. Additionally, a party (social) was organized with beginners workshop.

Next year, we want to continue this. A weekly practice, and an at least quarterly social dancing party.

Plans for classes

Want to become part of our growing student dancing community but don’t know no how to dance? At the moment, no Lindy Hop lessons are offered in a student environment in Delft. That’s why we are working hard to offer our own Lindy Hop classes through the association. If everything goes to plan our first Lindy Hop beginner classes will start in September of 2022, running the first quarter of the 22-23 academic year.

If you are interested in picking up Lindy Hop, joining our student dance community, or helping the Lindy community in Delft grow, please help us by filling in the form below. We want to know what would work for you, the dancers. The results will help us tremendously in establishing a student Lindy Hop community in Delft.

→ See the Lindy Hop classes questionnaire.

Lindy Hop

Join us on the dance floor!