OWee 2023

Who are Blue Suede Shoes?

Dancing takes the center stage at Blue Suede Shoes. Throughout the entire year we dance and party to Ballroom, Argentine Tango, and Swing music. Furthermore, we organize classes, workshops, and go to dance competitions as a team. Outside of dancing we also like to hang out at different activities and have an awesome time together!

Did you know?
Last year we organised over 30 parties and events!

OWee Program

Monday - Info Market @ City Center

13:00 – 17:30 – Like most student associations and organizations in Delft, we will be present at the Info Market on Monday. Come find us and feel free to talk to us! You can find us at this location:

Tuesday - Sportfeest @ Proteus

21:00 – 04:00 – This year we will be present at the Sportfeest organized by Proteus. Come find and dance with us at this party, but most of all, have fun!

Wednesday - Activity Market @ X

11:00 – 15:00 – There will be a bunch of things you can do during the Activity Market at X! Come find, talk, and dance with us at our stand, or take some Argentine Tango lessons with the excellent teachers at X. To get to our stand, enter X through the main entrance, immediately head left up the stairs, and then take follow the hallway until you reach the Foyer.


Three different dancing styles

At Blue Suede Shoes we dance three different styles: Ballroom, Argentine Tango, and Lindyhop. We organise practices, workshops, classes, and parties for dancers at all levels.

Three weekly practices throughout the year

The committees for each of the three dancing styles within Blue Suede Shoes each organise a weekly practice session for everyone to practice together. These practices are generally in the evenings, and are held but at X TU Delft and at other locations in Delft.

Parties as well as competitions

We organise regular dance parties, where people of every level can come and have fun. These parties are not only attended by our own members, but also other students from Delft as well as from many other student cities in the Netherlands!

However, we also have a serious side where members regularly compete in the NTDS and ETDS ballroom dance competitions. Before these competitions, there will be extra trainings to get your skills up to scratch (or you can just come and cheer for your friends).

A fun and accepting community

The dancing community is in general a very fun and accepting community where everyone can be free to express themselves however they feel comfortable.

Just come and try!

Do you think dancing is for you, or do you still have doubts? Then come join our InDansen program! This program, which starts after the OWee and lasts 3 weeks, is packed to the brim with dancing events:

12 workshops/try-outs
4 parties
7 practice sessions
1 hangout session

Don’t hesitate to sign up and check out some of these events!

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