Show Team

Last year Blue Suede Shoes started an exciting new chapter with the setting up of its first official show team! 

The goal of this team is to showcase ballroom dancing and represent the association by performing at galas, parties and event such as presentation nights at X.

Joining our show team is a good chance for members to boost their confidence, work on musicality, telling the story through the dance choreography, learn stage awareness and floor crafting, working as a team and most importantly have fun with the new choreography.

Every semester the showteam and their choreographer start working on new dance routine and train at least once a week until they are ready to perform. BSS members can sign up to join the showteam in the beginning of each semester and attend the first practice session for free.

Were you looking for the perfect addition to a big party or gala?

Dance performances are perfect addition to any event and our show team can bring the elegance of ballroom dancing and the excitement of Latin dances to your parties by their own performance.

Interested in a performance and/or workshop? Check the workshop page or send us a message through the contact form.